Monday, October 29, 2012

Sisters Weekend

Sisters Weekend

I can't begin to write about how much I enjoyed this. Also, it went by way too fast!
I had twenty four hours with these wonderful girls. They had a little more time together.
Bellevue was a great place to meet up. It rained and rained so shopping and walking Bellevue Square was really perfect. We got some good bargains. We always hit a TJ Max or Marshalls and usually end up spending at least two hours there.
We had a really good time. We need more time together. :)

We enjoyed eating out.
Talking about silly things, talking about serious things, shopping for ourselves and our kids... it feels so good.

Eating out with great conversation is such a highlight.

Natasha in The Yankee Candle Store.
Oh, I love this store!
I bought a few yankee tarts here...
whoopie pie was a scent I had never "sampled" -- it smelled soo good, like a chocolate pie

We get to see Natasha again in a week! I feel very blessed!!
And I hope to see Lesha in November, but if not November, I'll see her at Christmas.

Both of these girls remind me of our mom, but in very different ways. I love to see glimpses of our mom in them! Their friendships are something I value and appreciate very much.

I need to run! Book Fair BINGO tonight at the boys' school!! Should be fun! Willem is especially excited!


Kelley Gubler said...

Shopping with sisters is THE BEST!

kelly said...

Oh, I love these pictures!!! Sounds like so much fun. Lovely ladies<3

Liz said...

So glad that you had a great time with your sisters!

Natasha said...

Such a fun weekend! I haven't been in the blogging world for quite awhile and I enjoyed catching up on your blog :)