Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Willem Wednesday

First graders make me laugh. They help me look for blessings and take time to notice the little things. They make me smile. Their innocence is something I want to bottle. The way they solve life's problems is inspiring. This age/stage has ALWAYS been one of my favorites.
I feel very blessed to have a first grader living under our roof!
Willem Vance is one of the sweetest blessings I have ever known.
His easy going, fun, imaginative personality is something we so enjoy in our home right now.

 Willem was very excited about running in the Great Pumpkin Race at Blue Heron last weekend. He did great! Gramma Kris also joined us to cheer him on! He ran with first and second graders.

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Natasha said...

Good job Willem! You are such a sweet boy!