Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer of the Heart

Oh how I LOVE summer days.
This past week was especially relaxing and fun.
A whole week with no baseball, lots of water park fun, great times with friends, good stuff.
I am soaking up all of these moments, but I will admit my heart is very heavy at times.
This has been a summer of the heart.
Natasha and I have both gone in for echocardiograms. Lesha, Matt and Phil will hopefully go in over the next few months.
Both of our echos were abnormal, but different from eachothers. I have mitral valve prolapse. A somewhat common valve condition and usually not serious. I was most likely born with it. Probably no medication is needed, not at this point anyway. A cardiologist will share more info with me. Natasha has a dilated left ventricle and is experiencing irregular beating. She is very aware of the irregular beating and it is annoying and it's also a constant reminder that her heart has an issue. I pray that her condition is not progressive and I pray that the medication she just started will stop the premature or irregular beats. She has been faced with loss, obstacles, lots of stuff that can cause worry and a heavy heart.
When discouraged, I can't forget the power of prayer. God is listening and I need to be praying. I am so thankful for Natasha's faith.

On a positive note, my heart has never loved as much as it is today. I love the Lord. I love these kids. And time spent with them! I love getting to know their friends, I have loved making memories with my friends and family, I love having Vance back home after his Alaska trip. My heart is very happy.
I am hoping to make memories with family in Lynden in August too.
Before any of this came up, Lesha bought tickets to the HEART concert. Appropriate, isn't it?

Lunch at DQ.

Maddie and Hazel, two girls I love


Katie said...

Love you Michele. Emailed my friend about you, hopefully she'll get back to me soon with some info to share :)

Darling picture of the girls. Love that our kids (and us) have had some fun times together lately. We love those Jansens!

FairyCat said...
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Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family Michele!