Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Morning update

We've been busy! We had a fantastic weekend of baseball. Beautiful weather, exciting games, lots of fun for Willem and Hazel too...
Merit had a really good weekend of playing. All Stars is now over, he will play a little more baseball with a different team but our baseball schedule will slow down quite a bit.

Ellie, Hazel and Willem having fun

I'd like two or three days of just staying at home. Our house has been neglected as we have been spending lots and lots of time watching baseball! ... this week won't be super busy, but we still have several things going on. Willem starts swim lessons today! :)  I broke a tooth last week. Woke up with a piece of my tooth missing! Must have swallowed it. I guess I am grinding during the night. So, Tuesday afternoon I will be getting that fixed.

Today is my dad's Birthday! I can hardly believe it is already July 30th!

I love summer days and we will enjoy this last month!

Our three! :)

Enjoy your week!!

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Natasha said...

Hazel's hair is so long! Can't wait to see you guys.