Saturday, February 5, 2011

More of California... fun on the home front

A few more Cali pics... I just can't stop!

Estelle, Kristen and Natasha

Willem and Michele

Michele and Natasha

Vance, King of the Fast Passes! We didn't wait in a lot of lines because
of the fast passes.

Hot Tub FUN!!

Since we have been back the weather has been cold and today kind of dreary.
An afternoon bike ride with Willem does wonders for "the blahs."  Bike rides, playing with the kids and good books are great remedies to lift
the spirits! I am reading two books -- bittersweet which is fantastic. And I am lost
in a Mary Higgins Clark mystery.
 Hazel has been the sweetest 15 month old. And today she said "Rudy" -- our beloved pet's name!!

Hazel is pointing to everything
Doing lots of grunting
Loves to explore outside!
Merit and Willem are always so
excited about her accomplishments
It is fun!


Natasha said...

Estelle has that same vest as Hazel and she is wearing it today! Miss you guys, if it makes you feel better it's been pretty cool here this week.

Lindsey said...

I am glad you can't stop with the pictures!! It looks like you guys had such a wonderful time. Your kids are such cuties!!

Alisa said...

You really must stop with these wonderful vacation pictures!:) It's just not fair!:) Seriously, love them. What a great trip!

April said...

I really need to visit California sometime soon! I've really enjoyed your pictures, Michele! Little Hazel sure is growing up FAST...what a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

More great pictures! I am glad that y'all had a great time!