Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hazel's been Busy

Getting her daily exercise

Enjoying phone conversations with dear friends

Washing dishes

Accepting calls on her cell phone

This age!
I forgot how BUSY 16 month olds are!
And how much fun their personalities are.
Hazel is always hauling food out of cupboards, dunking things in the
toilet, finding pop cans and glasses with beverages in them that end up down
her shirt
This week she has been so clingy, she has the yucky virus that is going around...ugh

She is so expressive with her eyes.
She talks a ton using mainly grunts.
She loves talking on the phone and being silly...
what a funny, sweet girl!


Rick and Kelly said...

I can picture Kristen with that fuzzy phone! :) love your cute pictures and that blanket in the profile pic rocks my socks off! Get better soon sweet Hazel!

Katie said...

What a doll! Her eyelashes Michele!!! Wow! Glad you're home and had a fun time on your vacation :) Hoping Hazel gets over this yucky virus soon, we're pretty clear here except Maddie has another ear infection and she's on antiobiotics again. Oh well...winter!

Natasha said...

I wonder where she gets the phone thing from?? Weird!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cute! It does sound like she stays awful busy! And what a social life...LOL!

April said...

I'd say that was one of my favorite ages with both of my girls! What a cutie pie she is! Just wait till she starts asking for a REAL cell phone!;)

Susanna said...

I love the 15, 16, 17, 18, 19months and so on. They are so much fun to play with and watch their little imaginations at work. Enjoy these precious moments.

Lesha said...

I see she's a phone talker. Cute pics.