Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Night

I saw singer/song writer Jill Phillips in concert tonight at my church. I held onto the lyrics of a few of her songs... am even thinking of ordering a CD. She sings about real life things, looking to Jesus and the bonus is she has a beautiful, easy listening voice. It was a good way to spend my evening. Sitting next to my dear friend Lisa Garcia made it even that much better. Lisa is moving soon and I so don't want her to go.
I read my sister Natasha's blog post today and cried. It is so honest and real. SHE is so honest and real. It is also sad. And she is sad, but I see bits of healing within her. That healing is taking place because of her persistent faith.
I have felt a little bit silly or possibly riduculous with my California theme park blog posts.
That part of the trip was fun. It was really wonderful to watch the magic in our kids and Lane's eyes. But it was better still to get time and conversation, in person conversation, with Natasha, Reese and Lane. And I am treasuring our pictures, I love seeing the smiles and remembering the fun.
I fear that if I continue to write tonight it could get pretty pathetic! I am so lacking sleep. Willem got sick in the night last night, about 1 a.m. Changing sheets, mattress pads and pjs and trying to comfort a 4 year old throwing up is quite the task at 1 in the morning. Several times after he was up sick too and Hazel needed her binky about four times last night so I was a zombie today!
Willem was feeling much better by about noon and we had a lazy, good day at home. Merit got home from school in a GREAT mood. His kindness and laughter was contagious! Vance stayed home with the kids while I enjoyed Jill's music at church. This long day is about to end, I am so anxious to crawl into bed. And thankful for life... and my sweet family.


Anonymous said...

I personally loved your California posts. It looks like you guys had a much needed trip full of fun times! Glad that you enjoyed the concert you went to.

Lesha said...

Ugh, not fun. I hope you can have a good stretch of time with no sick kids and enough sleep. Thinking of you. I think the fun times you had with Tasha are great for her. You are a very empathetic person. Love you. Lesha