Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kittens, cats, mouse hunting... oh and baseball

This fostering kitties thing is doing more for me than it is for the kittens.

I learn a lot about Hazel's love for animals. I learn that our children want to help. I have snuggled these babies. On days when I rarely sit, 15 minutes seated in a comfy chair with a kitten or two on my lap feels heavenly.

This kitten is 7 weeks old and it chased down, caught and killed a MOUSE! 
What a mouser! Already!

I apologize for these somewhat graphic pictures.

Sweet arms
sweet voice
the girl who often feeds them

 Oh and there is that sweet Oren Paul. Eating a chocolate.

These kittens are just so sweet!
Crazy cat lady.
If I ever have more than 8 cats at one time call Animal Control --or my husband.
It could be an addiction, like thrifting, buying yarn and raising chickens.

Switching gears, Merit's first game of state is tonight at 8! We are excited!!
I know I should be posting baseball related pictures... I will soon, like tomorrow morning maybe!

Today was busy and good. Willem, Hazel and I picked blueberries this morning. 9 1/2 pounds and they are delicious! Lots of blueberry snacking today!! Hopefully I will find time to make muffins or scones tomorrow. Willem went to the allergist today for testing and oh. my. lands. that kid is allergic to a lot!! More on that later.
And Merit needs to be in Ephrata soon for a little BP before the game! I love baseball!

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