Sunday, July 2, 2017

July 2

I love, love this break from school!
Oren is so much happier with the older three around more!
Playing restaurant and Barbies is way more fun!
Yesterday, Oren, Hazel and I made many efforts to stay cool at a HOT Dirt Brothers game! We squirted each other with a spray bottle, drank gatorade and water and played in the drinking fountain! Merit's team and Merit's season has me puzzled. I see them getting better. I see Merit's hard work, many of the kids work hard. We won one tournament where we played smaller town competition. We were scheduled to play a game Wed. but our coach cancelled guessing the competition would not be tough enough for us. Well today we experienced a win 33, 4 and the coach apologized for not helping face our guys with tougher competition. It is fun to win. And we have lost plenty. If I ever think I have "the system" figured out, I have to think again. I do know that we play a lot of really tough teams and our coach believes this is very good for us.
What I love is watching these guys play. Merit and Willem's teams are so fun to watch! Merit had a catch that made me holler yesterday! The plan was to play a double header, but the team just played one and we hit the water park for a quick swim.
Willem is in a tourney in Kent, WA! Will has two more games today. Matt and Brenda are there with Vance cheering the team on! Later today they head here!
Today is gorgeous! A BBQ here and chilling in the yard sounds great.

I am so behind on house work but hanging with these kids is a ball. And I am enjoying the kittens, the chickens, baseball, bike rides, gardening...

Vance, pretty excited about the CARS he ordered after seeing the movie CARS 3! 

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