Monday, May 22, 2017

English, History, Self Reflection, LIGHT

Merit wrote an essay about finding light in the darkness, about being a light.
I read it last night right before going to bed.

The content of what the students have been learning and reading in 8th grade English has been challenging, thought provoking and sad at times. He told me about reading the book "Night", about the movie "Life is Beautiful" and about "The Diary of Anne Frank".

A Jewish refugee family, in hiding for two years, and learning one girl's experiences (Anne Frank's) along with feelings of that difficult time, left quite an impression on my 14 year old boy. To think that Anne Frank's diary was found and her experiences with hunger, fear, boredom and confinement were shared with us, it is a big deal. We can barely begin to understand what she experienced, but yet it is powerful.

One thing that Merit has taken from this is the importance of encouragement, of being a light in the dark, of finding empathy and compassion. And I see this daily. He is reaching out to peers who are in really hard situations. He tries to be an encourager in the dug out, on the ball field. Willem was having a tough time Saturday night and Merit was helping talk him through it.

I have learned several things this week.
Compassion is a necessary thing.
I have felt gratitude for the growth Merit has made at Frontier. As a person, as a writer, as a student in general. I have been reminded how important it is to be a LIGHT in the DARK.
I feel so thankful for Jesus' love for us.

Feeling thankful today, that our firstborn chooses to be a LIGHT in the dark. This choice is rubbing off on three younger people who look up to him daily.

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