Thursday, May 4, 2017

At play

Today was warm! Like 85 degrees! Makes me excited for summer.
I bought fabric today at the senior center in hopes to make an outdoor fort for Hazel and Oren. I know it won't be this weekend... baseball in Connell and in Spokane, but maybe soon --

I love to watch these kids play!

Oren has not been liking bedtime lately! He will say "it's dark out again?! Oh no" 

Both big boys had baseball this evening. 
Merit has piles of homework tonight. 
Willem is finishing his reading for the week. 
Hazel went through a stack of books her sweet teacher gave her! Her teacher is retiring the end of this year. 
Oren had a great day with Miles and then with Grandma Kris. I subbed in a kindergarten classroom.

I have a Mary Higgins Clark mystery that is my read before bed. 

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