Friday, April 7, 2017

April 7

 Sweet conversations on an evening hike.
My friend Maria is oh so dear. She remembers that yellow roses were my mom's favorite! I found these on my front porch a week ago!! They are STILL beautiful!! 

 Her depth, intensity, sensitivity and kindess are so dear to me.

 We took the boat out on Moses Lake yesterday. I was concerned it would be chilly at first, but the ride was comfortable and really pretty.

My friend Marilyn's boat house.

Merit is back from D.C.! the big kid home, ALL the kids home because of spring break and the sun trying to peak through the clouds, is what I ordered for my Bday! I am so thankful!! Thankful for friends, (my birthday "twin" Jeff came by last night!!) thankful for spring break, God's beauty, my family and another year!!

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