Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30

My dad had surgery Monday, hernia surgery. This required a two night stay in the hospital. There were many conversations among siblings regarding his care. 
Thankfully, he seems good. Lots of people willing to check on him.
I find it best to grab onto a few positives and hold on tight while experiencing a bit of head spinning and over thinking.
A friend stopped me the other day at Taco Time and asked if I am always at the baseball field. My answer "um, no, no I am .... sometimes... at Taco Time." The days are good. Friday I was pulling weeds, spreading mulch, baking for the weekend, doing laundry, playing play dough and watching baseball under the lights! The Dirt Brothers first game of the tournament, first game of the season resulted in a sweet win! Yesterday a tie and a loss.
Today is my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday in heaven! I will think of her all day I am sure and be reminded of her in small sweet ways. I love how God works like that.

Willem's team has two losses so far this tourney and they play again at 9, pics to come.

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