Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer sweetness

I feel myself holding onto warm summer nights. To my kids, no doubt. We still haven't purchased school supplies because I am putting it off. Summer flew by! Too fast. But it was good and sweet and memorable and FUN. I am very thankful.

Natasha and I like to dream about business ventures. I got to see her and her family this week! At our home! It was less than a 24 hour visit, but it was good. We visited, connected, thrifted. We visited the Shops on Alder (an old house with tiny rooms, second hand merchandise and antiques). We dreamed about something like that. Natasha and Reese have also dreamed about a Christmas tree farm. Many of our conversations were light hearted although many of our conversations in the past year have not been. They have had a tough year. They have both been through a lot. I think through prayer and looking to God for healing and guidance really great things can happen. I saw some of that.

Then we got to see Lesha, Rob and family and Matt and Brenda. The cousin fun was great. And they all beg for a little more time, dessert or candy and maybe a sleepover. Lesha tells me funny stories about work and we giggle about stuff. It was good. Lesha loves the thrifting too and upcycling. She has had a successful etsy store and has had fun with that.

When we can enjoy the day to day stuff, watching the kids grow, feeling thankful for our mom and her example... When we can dream and laugh, it's good.

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