Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer evenings

Warm summer evenings make me wish we had another three months of summer.

The thought of fall is always pretty great though (my favorite season).

Some summer evenings Vance and I sit out and catch up. We watch Oren pretend. I snuggle a kitten. Sometimes we go for Can Am rides, sometimes I weed... It feels good.

I love having these kids home! We have eaten lunch out probably too much, visited so many parks, swam a bit, camped, gardened....

We flew to Lynden, quick trip, for Vance's company picnic! I loved it. I was so willing to stay home but I loved it. My visits with Cary, Molly, Dorothy Polinder, Alison, Sandy, Char .... Well, so many made it worth it. And Hazel's horse back riding!! She loves riding horse.

We are loving on these kitties! Making a difference, I believe. It has been so good. Our community service and outreach for the summer. I seem to need it.

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