Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Merit!!!

What a hard working, driven, kind kid!!!
We love watching him as a big brother and friend!
Watching him play ball is a delight!
He loves the Lord.
He has a great sense of humor.
He works hard in school.
I think these teenage years are going to be great!


Amber Newman said...

Your pictures always turn out great! I was wondering what camera you use? I'm looking to invest in one but have no idea what's good/bad etc. :-)

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Merit! That Halloween picture of Hazel looking up at Merit just kills me every time!! You have a pretty awesome teenager on your hands!

Katie Allred said...

I'm loving this post!!! Merit is such a great young spending time with him and your family. I'm sure the boys are having a blast today at the game! So happy that worked out for them to all go and enjoy those Hawks! Happy 13th!!!