Saturday, October 17, 2015


Balancing Tolerance.
Balancing Life.
I promise to ENCOURAGE.
Sometimes my kids tell me about something that is bothering them at school, a comment a teacher made or something about a reward system or lack of discipline... So often I don't make a big deal about it and we kind of tolerate it. (sidenote: My kids have hard working, dedicated teachers)
And then there are the behaviors that we have to respond to even as adults. Sometimes we are ridiculed. Sometimes what we do, what we give, isn't quite enough. I have been texting often with a friend this week who is struggling with even family members making her feel like what she is doing is not enough. And a neighbor was sort of ridiculing her. We can be thick skinned and try to keep on keepin on at times like this, but the truth is, we need encouragement. And we need God's grace. We have God's grace.
Let's promise to encourage. Let's show God's grace. There are people hurting all around us and we can be a light in their lives, if we choose to be. I want to encourage my kids to keep working hard and behaving even if they feel they have to tolerate too much. I want to encourage my friends. Our jobs as moms is so hard! It is not a contest or a competition it is a huge opportunity to love and encourage.   I never considered a tatoo until today! Beautiful font down my arm ENCOURAGE ;-)
Again today I am reminded of the wonderful gesture of a handwritten note! Today I received two in the mail!! Janice VanDiest and Marilyn Molitor your notes made my day!! And I felt encouraged. Liz and Shannon, your help and love today = encouragement.
Willem has needed some extra encouragement lately. I do my best to give it! Hazel is pretty good at encouraging too!

And their friendship, remarkable.
These two joined me for a senior photo shoot the other day. Assistants who loved making memories playing while I snapped away. So, I snapped a few of them.
Vance is making Cheesesteak sandwiches, they are da bomb! Can't wait to gobble one up, have a glass of wine and encourage! --


Natasha said...

This is such a great goal for all of us. Encouragement is something that I need to incorporate more of into my relationships!

Katie Allred said...

What a great post! I'm so glad I sat down to catch up on your blog...I just love your photos, your encouraged me today! Missing you my friend and a bit jealous its the boys hanging out today and not you & I and the littles!!! Soon!