Wednesday, September 30, 2015

a country hike, good for the soul

A hike with Will is so good for the soul. I don't know who needs them more, Willem, Nellie or me? I LOVE where we live and maybe this appreciation is highlighted every Autumn... it seems that way at least. Fall is certainly my favorite.
I am on a healthy eating kick and am feeling really yucky?? Maybe a headache from cutting out refined sugar? Today this headache is kicking my butt!
I am in awe today of my kids' teachers and the amazing, hard work they do.
I am itching to sub! Just a little! Would love to be at Longview.

Oren and I ran a couple of errands this morning and then came home to watch Curious George and play. He is napping now and I will hit the laundry pile and load the dishwasher. Better get to letter writing too. Something else I am doing weekly and it feels good.  Football is going well for the big boys! Kinder suits Hazel so well.  

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Natasha said...

You are so good at letter writing, I need to some of that!