Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ingrid Faith, Summer Days...

Our new niece, Ingrid Faith! 

The kids and I spent the night with Natasha and family up at Silver Lake Friday night. It was so peaceful there. Man, we loved our visit. Ingrid is so darling.

Summer fun! 

Kendal and Hazel

Garden FUN! 

We have put zucchini in brownies, spaghetti, blueberry muffins and pancakes. And of course we have made zucchini bread.

Merit and Hazel



Vance helped with the pig at the Kylie and Taylor's wedding reception. 

Hazel, getting kitty time with one of the Raymond's cats. 

Kylie and Taylor's wedding day...
Her are Hazel and Sophia.


Leah Roy said...

How I wish I could get my hands on that Ingrid! So glad you got to spend time with them. Also, is that green chicks jammie top on Oren from Natasha? If it used to be Lane's, it was once at our house and my Charlie wore it too! He wore a lot of Lanes old stuff for a stretch of time. Sweetness. Love your photos!

michele said...

Leah, the little shirt was Lane's!! That is so cute that Charlie wore it too. We got a great box of hand me downs from Natasha a month or so ago. Ingrid is a doll!