Thursday, August 21, 2014

August... sweet summer days

I didn't plant any sunflower seeds this year, but I have probably 25 or 30 popping up from last years seeds.
They are one of my favorite flowers! So bright and cheery!!

The first half of our summer involved lots of camping and baseball! The second half of our summer has flown!
We have hit the waterpark a few times. We loved the FAIR! Vance, Merit and Willem went to the Demolition Derby and had a ball. We went to the rodeo. We have enjoyed days spent in our yard. The other day I took the kids to town and we just soaked up the beauty of the lake. Sometimes after grocery shopping, a doctor or dentist apppointment or some type of errand we stop for rootbeer floats, frozen yogurt or icecream cones... these are some of the things I love about summer!! Two weeks ago I would have BEGGED for summer and the schedule of summer to stay... but this week there has been some fighting and Merit has said he's a little bored a couple of times. Maybe it is time for that school schedule to start up again. Merit, Willem and Hazel will be in 3 different schools! Three different schedules. Hazel seems ready for pre-school. I am excited for her, I just know it is going to mean more running around for Oren and me - but we will make it work. For now, I will soak up these last 5 days of summer break!

Oren sweetness

Merit Henry

Willem is very good at checkers. If you are interested in playing him, I think he'd take you on. :)

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