Saturday, July 19, 2014

Loving Summer... I am back! And my pictures are saved. :)

Good news: 
My pictures are on my computer.
They were found. Years of sweet memories. 
I am thankful! 
My computer will limp along for a while... it is fixed, but slow and now I am trying to figure out a new way of storage. Updating this blog has taken a while. I have a new system that I have yet to learn.

These boys have been floating portions of Crab Creek and loving it!! I did it with them the other day, it was fun! 
State baseball in Ferndale was fun. The 11U Chiefs did well. We would have 
loved to see them go further, but we are proud of these boys.
Time with the team, time with family, camping... it was great.

Merit played really well this state tournament! 

So many family members came to watch Merit's games! I loved this!
Pictured here: Lesha and Grandma Alma

Golf cart riding and fun at Grandpa Jim's! 
Matt is giving the kids a little lesson in golf cart safety.

Hazel and Grandma Adie

The beautiful Hovander Barn! 

Hazel and Estelle feeding the goats at Hovander Park


Mount Baker

Cousins making memories! 
Willem, Lane, Merit and Kai

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Katie Allred said...

Baseball is giving your family so many wonderful memories! I love that you're documenting it all with such great photos too.

Happy you had time back "home" and with your families! Talk soon, miss you Michele!