Tuesday, June 24, 2014


June has been great and really busy too! 

Merit had his fifth grade graduation!! He will enter middle school in the fall. 

Merit and some of his friends... He has had a great time at Longview!!

Baseball is in full swing!!

And it has been so fun! 
Last weekend the boys played well. Won two, lost two. 
Our last game Sunday morning our guys were a bit "off" -- this team has a lot of talent, but there are times
when they just aren't themselves and Sunday morning was one of those. We hated leaving! I really thought these boys would play for first and second.

A few of us families rented this house just outside of Wenatchee! The setting was beautiful. I loved
 this farm house! And so did the kids.

The man we rented it from was friendly and excited to show us his animals. 
Willem and Hazel loved the baby chicks.

Becky holding Oren
I so appreciate our baseball "family" and how people are willing to scoop up Oren. 
Oren has been to many baseball games in his young life! 
It is quite the community and I am very thankful for the friends we have made. 

Everett, Merit and Oren

Willem and Carter

I would love to go back to this farm house someday!

 Yesterday the kids and I met Lesha, Rob and family in Crescent Bar! Lesha and Rob are staying six days there. I would have loved to reserve a place and spend the night, but we have been running so much. So just half a day there was wonderful. The kids had a lot of fun!

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kelly said...

Just can't believe you will have a Middle Schooler soon! Love seeing the posts about your fun baseball family! <3