Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beautiful Evening

Yesterday it sprinkled off and and on. I didn't have to water any of my plants or the garden, that was all take care of. :) Willem, Hazel and I went strawberry picking in the morning and they loved it!! Sandy Hill Strawberries is a really fun stawberry patch in Moses Lake, the berries are sweet and delicious! Later in the day, the kids watched the Lego movie and Merit played lots of basketball outside. I got Merit to baseball a little after 5 and then met a great group of women at Michael's on the Lake for a little 40th Bday party for a dear friend. I thank God for great friends! The evening was off to a great start. Julia watched the kids while Merit picked Vance up from practice. I got home to kids running in the card and a beautiful evening sky.

Last night was a really fun night of making memories. I love times like these! The sky was gorgeous, there was a beautiful rainbow. I headed down to the creek with my camera in hand,  I actually ran -- afraid I would miss some great lighting :) but the lighting only got better. I took some pictures then headed up to the house to tell the kids there was a beautiful rainbow, but the house was quiet. I spotted the chief going down "ditch bank road" and ran to meet them. Vance had all the kids and they were enjoying a little country cruise. (they couldn't find me when they left) The kids were chatting and laughing, the dog was running along with us. I don't think Hazel had ever seen such a beautiful rainbow.

Will and Nellie


Tami said...

Wonderful memories and beautiful pictures!

Katie Allred said...

Love your family! So glad you capture these fun, spontaneous adventures!

Natasha said...

Oh I love those Eastern WA skies! I don't know if Estelle's ever seen a rainbow?!