Saturday, December 28, 2013

Leavenworth and time with family

A couple of days before we headed to Lynden for Christmas, the kids and I met Natasha, Reese and family in Leavenworth. Leavenworth at Christmas is SO beautiful!!!
It was so fun to see Estelle, Lane, Reese and Natasha. The kids had a ball!!

We brought our sled. Five minutes after arriving, Lane, Merit and Will were sledding! 
There wasn't much snow, but the hill was fun and the kids went fast! 
Reese took the girls up to their condo and Natasha and I headed to the nearest coffee shop for some spiced cider. Walking around with our hot spiced cider, watching the kids sled and soaking in the Christmas decorations and sights was pretty great! 


These girls are pretty adorable together. 
I love their friendship.

Merit, Lane and Willem

Uncle Reese and the girls

Oren was very cozy in Aunt Natasha's arms!

It was really fun to be there. And it sort of helped us kick off Christmas...

Our trip to Lynden was busy and fun. 
I NEVER see everyone I want to see! That leaves me 
feeling sort of sad, but it was fun to make lots of memories with family there.
Oren's first Christmas
Wow, I can hardly believe it. 
He got lots and lots of snuggles there! 
Pictures to come...

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