Monday, December 9, 2013

A little update

I have no pictures from the weekend, but would like to share our "fun." Saturday morning we headed to Hermiston, Oregon for a very busy, very cold, basketball filled two days. Hermiston is Merit's birth place. It was a trip down memory lane. Merit and I haven't been back since he was a year and a half.

When we arrived in Hermiston, we ate at a restaurant that Vance, Merit and I used to eat at - the Chuckwagon. Oh that place brought back memories! It looked exactly the same!  I dressed Oren in a sweatsuit that Merit used to wear when he was Oren's age! I had to laugh, reflect and be thankful. We used to go there with one baby, our first baby. There we were back again with four "babies"!

Our weekend was crazy. Running in and out of the hotel, various gyms, restaurants in 10 degree weather and below was challenging. Oren did FANTASTIC at Merit's games. Willem did really well. Hazel had her moments. All of the gyms had a fundraising sort of concessions area where they sold Laffy Taffy, Air Heads, Skittles... you know, the healthy stuff. UGH! I was so tired of the Air Head temptations that were all around us!

I brought coloring stuff, a notebook, crayons, snacks... a diaper bag loaded with all a six month old needs. I rescued Hazel in the hotel swimming pool. Was drenched from head to toe. But thankfully that little turkey was just fine. As soon as I could see she was struggling I jumped in - fully clothed with big furry boots. No tears, just a little shaken. Well, no tears for Hazel.

A family of six in a hotel room is, um, cozy. Other members of our family might describe it as crowded.

Merit's team played SO hard! All of the games were close. They lost all four, one of them in overtime. Our intense, competitive Merit struggled a bit with four losses.The calories that boy burned over the weekend! Swimming, warming up at the gyms, playing the games. He was constantly hungry! :)

I am a pretty chipper gal. I wonder sometimes if I can keep this up! But I'll tell you what, Oren's giggles and his "go with the flow" personality really does something for my mood! And the other three, they make me laugh out loud  - often.

God is good. He made me patient. I need to remember that when a bit of impatience settles in. Life is so good and so full. These kids are the best. They are so wonderful.  And as I have said before, I love my days at HOME. Being on the go proves to be a bit more challenging!

Today, at home I watched Hazel play with her felt board and nativity scene. Everything seemed to slow down just a bit. The questions she was asking me about the wise men, the animals, the stable... they made me go "okay, this is the good stuff." She placed the baby Jesus just perfectly...

Here's to a great week AND remembering the REASON for the SEASON.

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Natasha said...

That was quite the weekend! You are brave taking all those kids for a weekend tournament. I can barely get Estelle out the door to hockey practice!