Friday, May 10, 2013

Raising Boys... and one super sweet girl

Raising Boys

I love the ages of our boys. To be honest, when our boys were 7 and 4 I couldn't imagine they would be just as fun at 10 and 7 - but they are. :)
And now adding a baby boy to the family seems really wonderful.
I have been washing the sweet little onesies and sleepers in Dreft. My doctor appts are weekly. I am thinking a lot about about bringing a newborn home. Preparing for the arrival of this little guy.
Thanking God that he will have two awesome big brothers and a super sweet sister!
Boy, boy, girl, boy - what a great combo!

Looking back...

 ohhhhh and he will be so blessed to have THIS GIRL for a sister!

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Natasha said...

Your family will be a great combination of boys and girls! 3 boyish boys and 1 very girly girl! Love it!