Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Sunday

Yesterday I was working in the kitchen and overheard Willem and Hazel talking. Hazel said, "I am so glad we are getting a baby bruver." Oh it warmed my heart. Also, I love the way she says brother. The way she talks about this baby on the way makes me smile from ear to ear. I can't believe how tuned in she is to all of it.

I've started knitting a scarf for Hazel. I have lots of craft projects I should get to. I told myself I couldn't purchase any more yarn or cardstock until I used some of what I have.

My sis Natasha, her husband and their kids have a BIG move ahead of them! A move to Kodiak Island, Alaska. They will leave sunny Coronado and head up north! They bought a house there and I have no doubt that they will quickly make Kodiak there home. I am thinking of them so much as they begin their "travels" to get there. Natasha and the kids will get some time in WA so I hope I can make it up to Lynden while she is there.

Also, my friend Jessica and family are moving to Ohio. Her husband has been a youth pastor here and their family has been such a great family to get to know!! Their two children were born here in Moses Lake. Their daughter is five and their son is just a few months younger than Hazel.  I have been able to take their family pictures and pictures of their children as babies... Jessica and I have laughed together and cried together and shared lifes' joys and struggles. She will be missed!

Good byes can be hard! I pray that God blesses these families on their journeys.

This weekend we have had time to just relax. I have been looking on pinterest and blogs, I always enjoy that.

There are sooo many cute ideas out there for Valentines! Lots of free printables too. I framed a few last night.

Vintage Holiday Crafts has some beautiful, free, vintage printables!

The Graphics Fairy had this little boy:


Anonymous said...

I hope your sister and her family enjoy their new home! Brrrr....Alaska is way too cold for me!

I am sorry to hear that your friend is also moving. Hopefully you guys will keep in touch!

Sharon and Caleb - Erlenmeyer Photography said...

Getting caught up with your blog...thought it was cute how you mentioned not letting yourself buy anymore yarn or cardstock till you use what you have. I've been doing the same trying to keep myself from adding too much to my plate and simplifying everything-it has been so refreshing!