Monday, January 28, 2013

Cousin Fun, Sister time, A Journey of the Heart

Chuck E Cheese
Cousin FUN!
Good Memories
Sister Time

Hazel and Brielle LOVED this horse at Chuck E Cheese!

The heat went out in Lesha's hotel room. She was upgraded to a suite. The spiral staircase was a HIT with the kids!! These kids energy was something else! Meeting in Bellevue on a rainy weekend was brave of us! But, dinner at Red Robin, lots of time at Chuck E Cheese and a little time at the mall kept us busy.

Willem and Estelle

A Chuck E Cheese Sisters' Sketch :)

These kids! So fun!

My last post was on PATIENCE. This trip required some patience. :)
But what is more important to make note of is the level of patience Natasha is practicing.
Patience and trust in God
She is in the middle of a huge move. She needed to say goodbye to her CA friends, their family is starting a new life in Alaska, Lane will change schools mid-year. They will meet new friends, move into a new home, Reese will start a new part of his job and Natasha will seek new medical care.
Natasha has recently been told she needs a difibrillator.
I think she was okay with this being a medical device she would need in her FUTURE. Maybe 15, 20 years down the road... Learning you need one at 30 has to be a tough thing to wrap your mind around. She is on heart medication and we just all hoped this would be enough. We hoped it would control the issue and that no further damage would be done.
I am so thankful for her positive attitude! I pray for wisdom for the doctors and good medical care. Lesha and Natasha have both had several cardiology appts over the past couple of months. Lesha's heart is showing some signs of weakness, but an official diagnosis is yet to come. Our mom's condition was genetic, but this was not confirmed until recently. Losing our mom when she was so young was really hard and now to have other members of the family face heart issues feels tough. There is a lot of heavy stuff to try to digest. My heart tests came back looking good, I am thankful. All five of us kids have to closely monitor our hearts. Regular testing will be important.
I am praying so much for our HEARTS. Please pray with me.
Also, I am so thankful for my siblings. Amazing support, people I love to laugh with, friends I can totally be myself with. God blessed us with eachother and now we must look to Him as we navigate through this journey of the heart.
So, as we press forward, I am SO grateful for weekends like this last one. I am so tempted to hop in the car and go to Lynden to soak everyone up some more! Natasha and the kids fly to Alaska Friday. Reese is on his way up there on the ferry with their vehicle. I am proud of them for taking on this big adventure!


Katie said...

So thankful you were able to spend time with your sisters and the cousins...looks like they had a blast! How fun!

Prayers for Natasha, Leesha and your family are among the top of my prayer list! Like you said, it's a lot to wrap your mind around and digest. I'm grateful we have a God who willingly takes our worries our fears if we allow Him in. It's definitely more work worrying over something we have no control over than just letting God take it!

Debra said...

Praying for all of you! Cute pictures.