Saturday, December 8, 2012


ohhhh! I mentioned something about seven days of blogging... I better stick with it. Last night we had Vance's work Christmas dinner. It was fun! The group was really lively, fun energy. The food was great.
Today has been a good day, mostly relaxing. We got to sleep in... the first time in a LONG time! It felt good. Then the boys had haircuts, Vance and Willem worked on lots of outdoor projects, some friends came out for a photo was a good day.

I am so thankful for our warm, cozy house. Today I baked black bottom cupcakes... yum! Tonight I will work on addressing Christmas cards.
I'll be back tomorrow... hopefully with some fun Christmas pictures.

Our little friend Maddie has a heart cath on Tuesday. Please pray for this sweet girl. Pray that they get a good report and that the traveling over to Seattle all goes smoothly. :)

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