Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little Tuesday catch up

Miss Hazel - I think we have another lefty in the family.
Hazel and Merit are our left handed kiddos.
Art Garden Pottery is a very fun place in Moses Lake.
Vance took a weekend trip to Alaska before Thanksgiving and the kids
and I decided to spend an afternoon at Art Garden!

Our Thanksgiving was nice and very relaxing.
I am so thankful for my family!
Here are the boys doing a little motorcycle riding on Thanksgiving day.

Matt and Phil came the day after Thanksgiving. They
helped Vance with some projects in the shop. We visited and laughed... always a good time!

The boys LOVED hanging out with their uncles.


Debra said...

I love the Art Garden Pottery place. I'm sure Jayven is a lefty too! Jenifer is our lefty. Makes you wonder why some people are left handed. My mom & uncle are also left handed.

Laura Mayer said...

Thanks for visiting ARTGARDEN Pottery...we are so thankful for the support of wonderful customer and love that you blogged about it!!! Next time you are in, I will have a special coupon for ya, just ask ...thanks Jansen family!

Anonymous said...

That Art Garden Pottery place looks like so much fun! I am not sure if we have anything like that around here.

So glad that y'all had a great Thanksgiving!