Friday, August 24, 2012

Sharing more from our time in Lynden

It was really fun to look around downtown Lynden just a bit with the kids...
looking forward to getting there again, maybe to do a little Christmas shopping.

I got to see Grandma Alma and Grandma Dorothy this trip and we saw Vance's Grandma Jule last trip! Grandmas are such sweet blessings! I am very thankful for time with them.

Outside of Grandma Alma's house... the Fair hot spot!

 Natasha and Matt

We have so many sweet memories of time spent at Grandpa Ken and Grandma Alma's. FAIR week has always been a highlight with the fair being in Grandpa and Grandma's backyard!  
So many fun memories! Always the house where we met up at, visited there, always felt welcome. Also, we have loved holidays there!
Here we are at Grandma's late one night after seeing HEART at the Fair.
My grandma is ready to move to a condo. I know she will make her condo a beautiful home. I also know we will make more sweet memories there! I will miss her being in this house so much though. A house full of memories -- lots of sweet memories with our mom.  It is exciting that my Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Monica will be buying grandma's house -- Jeremy and Monica, can we still make it the Fair hot spot? :)

Lesha and Kristen -- we had some time for BINGO at the Fair!!

The Heart Concert!

Dinner before the concert

While in Lynden, I got big chunks of time with these four.
I thank God for my siblings. Life is so much sweeter because of them, oh and a lot funnier too. My sisters and I talk about raising kids, we share memories, we laugh a lot... My brothers are involved uncles who are very good to their nieces and nephews and they are very fun guys!

Willem and Amara being silly on Grandpa Jim's new patio

Now... it is time to start thinking about school! How did summer go by so fast?

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Natasha said...

Oh I love these pics! I might steal some for my blog too :) Our trip up there was so great! We got some great quality time with so many people.