Thursday, December 15, 2011


TIME. Time is precious, what I do with my time is really important. Soaking up these kids, loving them, building them up, teaching them about the TRUE meaning of Christmas and expressing to God my THANKS for these children is very important.
Today during Hazel's nap I cleaned the bathroom. I didn't really feel like cleaning the bathroom, I never do. That is why it needed to be cleaned in such a bad way.Willem entertained me through the process, something
he is very good at. He likes to play "honey."
He pointed out that Vance and I call eachother honey a lot. So, when he wants to be a grown man with a wife and kids, he calls it playing honey.
He is my husband who is also a spy agent. :)  My job is to be really impressed with all he accomplishes. Today his friends came over (imaginary) and we talked over his spy work with them. Again, I am so thankful for half day kindergarten. Willem makes sure my life is never dull or boring!
Today, after cleaning the bathroom I was overwhelmed with what to do next... finish addressing Christmas cards, tackle the laundry, make gingerbread cookies with the kids, help Willem with his homework, run on the treadmill, work on my continuing cert.teaching stuff... this time of year there is a lot of juggling. But I really am grateful I have so many wonderful things and people to juggle. Even if it feels overwhelming at times.
My mind has been on my nephew Case these past few days. His mama (my sister Natasha) is so good about continuing to find JOY in her JOURNEY, even though losing a child must be so life changing, very tragic... I am so proud of her and Reese for carrying on, being good parents, finding joy, working together... Case had really been on my heart and then I headed over to her blog today and saw that she has been thinking a lot of him over this Christmas season and beautifully shared her love and thoughts.
She shared this sweet picture on her blog. And now I want to share it.

His time here on earth was short, 5 1/2 months
But his life touched a lot of people during that TIME.
Natasha and Reese were so wonderful to come up to Washington for
both Thanksgiving and Christmas with Case! We got to share those
holidays with that happy, sweet baby.
Natasha knows how precious TIME is.
She is carrying on and being intentional about spending quality time with her loved ones!

I want to share some pictures of precious TIME with my family.
Hazel loved the sights of Seattle!
Monday morning Vance, Merit, Willem, Hazel and I headed to Seattle for
some city fun.

The boys in a cool car store in Pikes Place.

The boys at our hotel -- all pumped up for the football game!

Hazel and Aunt Kelcy
It was so good to see Carly and Kelcy while we were in Seattle.
The guys got to see my brother Matt too, at the game.

Hazel loved watching these ladies make their candies and carameled apples. This little
girl and I did lots of window shopping while the rest of the gang enjoyed the Monday night Seahawks game!

We got back to the hotel and ended the evening with a wonderful bubble bath!

Our sweet girl all tuckered out...

Thank you God for this TIME.
I really do love all of these moments.


Kelley Gubler said...

playing "Honey"! that kills me. when caiden was little he used to call me "babe". I had to explain to him that only daddy gets to call me that, lol. so sorry for your sister. i can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be, especially this time of year.

The Price Family said...

I have tried commenting on this post before, not sure why it wasn't working, but I just keep coming back to it...I love it! I think about Natasha and Reese often, and your whole family. I hope that you guys have a relaxing and fun Christmas together. Thinking of you!