Tuesday, December 20, 2011

enjoying this week

Yesterday Willem and I hit the Senior Center Thrift Store.
Everything in the store was 50 percent off!
I bought lots of fabric.
I plan to wrap Christmas gifts in some of it and I want to pass
some of it on to my sweet friend Maria. I have a feeling she can sew something with it or
maybe she too would like to use it for wrapping paper. I bought LOTS of fabric, two childrens books
and some votive holders all for $2.50 - can't beat that.

On Sunday the boys and I decorated a gingerbread house!
I love this tradition.
Yesterday Merit had a Christmas Around the World presentation in
his classroom. It was wonderful and fun! Third graders are something else.
I really love this age.
Last night, I got some quality visiting time with a few dear friends -- felt great!

I have had some time for card making!!

I have had lots of time to snuggle my sweet little blue eyed girl.

We officially begin Christmas break at noon today.


The Price Family said...

Love that last picture--I can't believe how much Hazel looks like you! BEAUTIFUL!

Maria said...

So sorry you haven't been feeling good. Love the idea you had with fabric for gift wrap! ...and thank you for sharing some with me. Thrift finds are so great.