Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jansen happenings, a photo shoot

serious cuteness

This photo shoot was fun, at least to start with. This family, super cute.
But, I got in big trouble for trespassing - yikes!
The property owner came barreling down the road laying on her
horn. She got out of her vehicle screaming "Get away from there!"
Oh my! And this poor family! I had just met them that morning.
I wasn't harming anything, there were not any no trespassing signs and this
distressed old house really makes for the perfect backdrop.
But it has been made clear to me I may not take pictures there again.

Good bye old house, I will miss you.


I had thirty things to do the other morning and lil' Miss Hazel was
into everything, I gave her a really yummy treat in her highchair...
This doesn't really look like just ONE OREO.

My friend Kristen has a Christmas tradition that
our family has now adopted. I wrapped a Christmas book or winter book
for each day December 1 - 24. Each day we unwrap a book and read it
together. This is a really great way to "count down" to Christmas
and to get some fun Christmas reading in. Merit has read about half of the
books so far and I have read the other half. I love this tradition Kristen! Thanks
for introducing it to me. On Christmas Eve after the last book is read, a baby  will
be placed in the basket to represent baby Jesus.
The books we have already opened and read end up on a little table
and we can read the favorites several times.
I had probably 15 Christmas books,
so to gather books for the other nine days I shopped the thrift stores.
We have some really neat literature here.
Armond and the First Christmas is an Arch book.
I think my siblings and I received these as gifts through
First Christian Reformed Church.
I loved reading this story to the kids a few nights ago. As
I opened the book I saw Matthew Zylstra neatly written in the front
cover. Matt you may take this book with you next time you
visit. Me being the "hoarder" I probably grabbed all books that
interested me last time I was at dads.


April said...

Absolutely adorable pictures, Michele! I love your Christmas family tradition!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh...sorry that happened to you during your photo shoot. I will never understand some people. The book tradition sounds really fun!