Friday, December 31, 2010


Estelle, Natasha, Michele and Hazel

Sisters and two daughters... Lesha's cuties were off running around!

Our Niece Brielle - cutie pie!!

My bros... we BBQd oysters Christmas Eve - yum!!

Natasha and her sweet family

Willem and Lane imagine and explore so well together.
Here they are exploring out at my dad's.

Hazel havin' fun at Grandpa Jim's.

Grandpa Jim and Hazel

Me and Hazey

Merit having fun even though his poor eye was nearly swollen shut!

Our Christmas was really nice. The kids and I drove to Lynden a day before
Vance did. Our first stop was my grandma Alma's. Natasha and her children were there too.
It felt really good to be out of the car and at my Grandma's!
Lane and Willem went on a "hunt" to try to find the hidden elves in her tree! A yearly
tradition. :) Merit had been complaining about his eye hurting for a couple of days and
as we were driving to Lynden, it was starting to look bad. He had a bad cold too.
That night we stayed at my dad's, but during the night was rough. Merit had a fever and his eye looked really bad. I took him to Urgent Care the next morning and he had a bad sinus infection - poor guy!! We got him started on antibiotics and 24 hours later he was much better.
The morning of Christmas Eve, before our Drs visit my dad made the kids and me a big breakfast.
I am thankful that Vance's parents and my dad all make us feel very welcome.
Christmas Eve we had a fun party out at the shop at my dads. I love visiting with my brothers and sisters!
My dad cooked a great dinner, we laughed, acted silly, had fun... the kids tore into presents -- Matt and Phil picked out some very fun niece/nephew gifts! Thanks guys :)
The next morning we had a traditional Christmas morning at my in laws -- Stan and Adie's.
It was really fun. A yummy breakfast followed by opening gifts.
That evening we went to my Grandma Alma's. This is something we have been doing on Christmas evening
my whole life! I love it there.
The next day I enjoyed coffee with my sisters, a visit with my Grandma Dorothy and fun at my dear friend Lissa's  (we have been friends since we were FIVE!!) Our three kids reconnected with their three and
Lissa, Trav, Vance and I had fun conversation.
Time with family was treasured. I am so thankful I got to visit with both of my grandmas while
I was there. Our children had a BLAST with cousins. There was so much cousin fun going on.
I really enjoyed our get togethers.

I was reminded again yesterday how precious life is and how we are not long for this world.
Vance's uncle died suddenly yesterday. He will be missed by so many.
I think of my mother in law Adie, losing yet another sibling and how this must be heartbreaking.
Please pray for their family.

I have lots more Christmas pictures to share. I'll be back. Love, M


Team Roy said...

Looks wonderful! You all seem to have so much fun together :-) Happy New Year!

Joelle said...

Great pictures of the family. I'm sorry to hear about Harvey. I will pray for Vance's family and everyone else affected. My mom was friends with Harvey's wife, and I know there are a lot of people who are hurting.

It was so nice to see Natasha and Estelle. I pray for a joyful new year for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like y'all had a wonderful Christmas! So sorry to hear about your Uncle...will pray!