Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer moments, memories, fun

What could those girls be contemplating?? And I love that Natasha is knitting a Christmas stocking!
We laugh at the things we do when we are together. We are often preparing food for the kids and cleaning it up. We love to thrift, which we got a chance to do. We used to rubber stamp or make soaps but with 7 kids under foot it can be tricky. Oren and Ingrid fight and they play. We let them work it out most of the time. Some discussions about whose turn it is and sharing. ha ha, the good stuff. We And then I brought home a sweet, tiny, fragile kitten and we spent a lot of time bottle feeding her - Little Miss Muffet.-----------

Last week Hazel got to ride the Garcia's horse. 
Oh my lands, a summer dream come true.
Horse back riding is usually something she gets to do at the big company picnic in Lynden. 
We did not attend this year and Hazel told me what she missed most were the horses. I called my sweet friend Lisa, we set up a time to ride and Hazel enjoyed riding Boots!
The next day, Tasha, Reese, Lane, Estelle and Ingrid came to visit! Estelle and Hazel had a ball! They were together 24/7. Natasha and I took just those two girls out to eat Saturday night! It was so fun! Natasha and I had sushi and the girls had steak! 
Hazel and Estelle got to giggling like crazy. Sweet memories made. 

My friend Marianne and her husband Alan are in the process of adopting a boy from China. The excitement of this and the unknowns of this have been on my heart! I love their leap of faith and their TRUST.
Marianne is having a huge yard sale fundraiser this weekend. It has been fun to go through the kids' clothes (well, necessary more than fun) and gather some things for her sale. It will help them as they continue to raise money for their adoption and their travel to China. If you are in Moses Lake this weekend, her sale is Sat. and I bet it is a big one! 

I have read a bit more this summer than several previous. I finished Reconstructing Amelia. Oh, a well written book but hard to read because it was sad and disturbing. It kept my attention though. I started Lady Moses last night. I last read this book 20 years ago! It was a required read for a college English course. I want to see what I think of it now that I am married, have kids, am twenty years older... Then I hope to read Cherish. Kristen "my CA girl" sent it to me! 

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