Monday, July 22, 2013


Flower and finger painting. A couple of weeks ago we painted with
nasturiusms - nasturiums are a "mom flower" a flower that my mom grew in her garden
and they remind me of her.
I really like the Crayola finger paints - totally washable!

Natasha shared this hymn with me and I think it is so beautiful.
Special to have the sweet words on a nasturium picture as well.


Katie said...

Fun idea!!! I planted some Nasturiums this year too and they brighten my day each time I walk past them or water. Love you friend!

Natasha said...

What a great idea! I have quite a few nasturtiums planted right now too, none of them have bloomed though. I started them a little late I think. They have always reminded me of mom too! Love the hymn with on the picture!