Monday, June 10, 2013

loving life


Life is good.
The whole family enjoyed camping and baseball in Wenatchee this past weekend!
Merit played great! The weather was beautiful. Oren slept well. It was fun!

Summer break is in full swing!

My goal for this week is to get a picture of all four kids together.

  • Is the BEST cuddler
  • Calms me when he rests on my chest
  • Is a sweetheart!
  • Has such a kind heart
  • Loves wearing skirts and dresses
  • Pretends and imagines in such a creative, fun way!
  • Is our lego builder
  • Already loves summer break
  • Is really good at math and hula hooping!

  • Is a great helper
  • Has a contagious laugh!
  • Is playing some fantastic baseball


Tami said...

Beautiful baby! Camping already? I'm impressed and hoping that you give yourself some time to recover.

kelly said...

So loving all these posts and picture updates! The camping trip sounds like a lot of fun, especially with such a clan. Such an adorable baby Oren is!!! And I can't believe how fast Hazel has grown. So glad you are able to soak it all in. Take care my friend! You are a S-U-P-E-R Woman,so is Tasha and Lesha!