Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Update

We had a BUSY weekend!! The boys finished up their cookie dough sales, a big
school fundraiser. Merit had a soccer tournament and a basketball tournament.
His soccer games were in Ephrata, his basketball games here in Moses Lake.
We did lots of running around. I am very thankful for the kids and families we meet through sports.  Basketball season has now ended.
Merit's basketball team ---- This is a really nice group of boys. We also
appreciate Toby and Alison's dedication and time.
Merit's team did not win one game this season. Not the easiest thing for a
very competitive Merit to handle. But the kids learned to work better as a team.
They were much better defenders comared to the beginning of the season.
Way to go Bombers! It was fun to get to know you guys!!

Hazel, Nellie and Gramma Kris
Soccer season is in full swing!
We love watching Merit play soccer!

Nellie is a big fan too.

High five after a goal!

Coach Ryan showing them how it's done.

Nellie on the run!
Nellie's brother Pete came over to play. They loved to wrestle!!                  

We have had a few days that have really felt like spring. We seem to be outside a ton
on those days. I love to think about spring flowers and new growth.
We had a campfire the other night. Willem loves a good fire and exploring outside!
Today however it is cold and windy! AND Merit has baseball tryouts tonight.

Both boys have been reading a lot. They are earning Silverwood tickets!
Silverwood is a really cool theme park about three hours from here.
Hazel likes to read too and is liking to be read to more and more. I love watching
her imitate her big bros. Most of the time.

Have a great week!!

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Natasha said...

That last picture of Nellie is so sweet. You guys are busy! Merit and all his sports! Its great that Willem and Hazel like to roam around outside and explore too.